HEM, near Lille, Boulevard Clemenceau, V. Family

Boulevard Clemenceau,

  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Wifi available


The host family: 

Amélie is a 48 year old office manager married to Guillaume, a 50 year old market leader.

They have 2 children. They also have a litlle cocker (dog).


The house:

The house is located at 10km from Lille, but really well served by public transport.

Regarding the room of the host, it’ll be a double bed with 2 closet, a desk and a chair.

The bathroom is a private one for the host.


Public transport nearby:

20-30 minutes from the Catholique College at Lille.

Their eldest daughter is a student in Lille and is ready to take the host by car, to go out.

The family is also ready to drop the student at the metro.



For confidentiality reasons, we cannot publish pictures of the family. If you are interested in the family, we can send you photos once contact has been established.

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